WHAT: 30 Day Songs is a music project site dedicated to helping you record and release a new song (or more!) in a month.  We’ll provide a theme.  You record and release a song by the end of the month.  Simple, right?

HOW: We are a community of fellow musicians, some new, some veterans of multiple recording projects.  We’re here to interact, support, and help one another.

WHY: The core team behind 30 Day Songs are veterans of the RPM Challenge.  We love The Challenge, but miss some of the community and interaction on the old website.  30 Day Songs gives us a way to record new material throughout the year and hopefully bring back some of what we’re missing.

MORE?: Our monthly projects will involve recording an A-Side song, but also a B-Side.  The B-Side could be a cover.  It could be an experiment.  It could be a demo of what you will release next month.  It can also be optional, so if you don’t record a B-Side, that’s fine, too, but we think it will be fun.

SO ARE YOU COMPETING WITH RPM?: Absolutely not.  We love our friends at RPMHQ and fully support all of the good they are doing.  We are just adding a little flavor to the monthly recordings by introducing themes while bringing back the forums for those who want them.  Heck, we’re using our 30 Day Songs to complete the REM Challenge each month!

CAN’T I JUST SIGN UP FOR REM? HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT?: Think of it as an extension of REM.  Do you want a theme?  We have one.  Do you prefer forums to Discord?  We have forums.  Do you like weird B-Sides? How about recording one of your own this month?

OKAY, SO WHAT DO I DO NOW?: Come join us in the forums.